Snook Fly Fishing

Snook are a tropical, warm water species whose northern most range extends just to the north of the Tampa Bay area. Snook are available all year, but can become difficult to catch during the colder, winter months. Once water temperatures dip below 60° F, the snook tend to become lethargic. However, give them a few days of warm stable weather and they will become voracious feeders.

The snook is an excellent fly rodder’s adversary. They possess a blistering first run, jumping acrobatics and tremendous power. Sight casting to these linesiders in shallow water is a challenge all its own. Once a snook has spotted you on the bow of the skiff, the game is up.

Tackle Requirements
  • Rods: 7-9 weight
  • Reels: Large arbor saltwater reel with good drag system.
  • Lines: Floating and intermediate tip

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